Looking for the best handheld GPS for biking, depending on what you need out of your GPS and how much you want to spend here are some of the top GPS’s for biking in 2015, with the technology of the smartphones, the latest GPS developed by Garmin has so many smart features that will compute into your smartphone.
Garmin Edge 705 GPS-Enabled Cycling Computer

  • GPS-Enabled Cycle Computer
  • Sunlight-Readable Color Display
  • Features A High-Sensitivity Receiver That Holds A Signal Under Trees & Near Tall Buildings
  • Automatically Measures Speed, Distance, Time, Calories Burned, Altitude, Climb & Descent
  • For mountain biking stick with a lower range Garmin like a 705 (not as scratch prone – after 2 years!).

Edge 705 pushes you to do your best, then shows you the way back. This GPS enabled cycle computer knows no limits. Get heart rate, cadence, turn by turn directions, power data /from ANT plus Sport enabled third party power meters/ the works. Even share your data with other Edge 705 buddies after your ride. All wireless with a color display, this is no ordinary cycle computer.

For me, a bike GPS is primarily interesting because of the possibility of navigating while riding the bike. Having speed, cadence and distance info is nice, but you can get that for a fraction of the price without the hassle of having to remember to keep your bike computer charged. Any Cat-Eye will run for at least a year on a set of batteries. This Edge 705 will need to be charged at least weekly if you are an avid rider.

GARMIN EDGE 810edge 810

The latest mode of GPS specifically for biking to be released by Garmin is the Edge 810; this has a number of amazing features, it combines advanced training abilities and navigation and this can be connected through your smartphone, including live tracking, social media sharing and weather.

The 810 is compatible with optional detailed street or TOPO maps, so it can guide your ride for touring, commuting or extended activities where you might need onboard maps and navigation. Because it’s GPS-enabled, Edge 810 provides accurate data and navigation capabilities, anywhere in the world.

The live tracking feature allows your friends and family to follow your races and training activities in real time and you can get up to date weather conditions, forecasts and alerts.

Edge 810 is rugged, waterproof and has up to a 17 hour battery life. The touchscreen is easy to operate, even with a gloved finger and when wet. Mounting options include a new out-front mount for heads-up positioning and a standard quarter-turn mount.

Garmin Edge 500

This is a great bike computer with tons of amazing features, it’s small and pretty does the all the things (and some more) that you expect a cycle computer to do, it is optimized for biking.
Lightweight GPS-based cycling computer tracks your distance, speed, location and elevation with high-sensitivity GPS.Garmin 500

  • Barometric altimeter pinpoints changes in elevation for extra-precise climb and descent data
  • Work with third-party ANT+-enabled power meters to display your power output in watts as you ride
  • Use with optional heart rate monitor to hit your targets, track calories burned, and more

The Garmin Edge 500 is a lightweight GPS-based cycling computer for performance-driven cyclists. Loaded with data the Edge 500 tracks your distance, speed, location and elevation with high sensitivity GPS. Add an ANT+ compatible heart rate monitor, speed/cadence sensor or compatible power meter for a finely-tuned analysis of your ride.

Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS Receiver

The Forerunner 305 is the most accurate, most reliable wrist-mounted performance and GPS tracking tool ever tested

  • High-Sensitivity, Watch-Like GPS Receiver That Provides Exceptional Signal Reception
  • 1 Piece Training Assistant That Provides Athletes With Precise Speed, Distance & Pace Data
  • Includes Training Center Software, Which Allows Users To Download Workout Data For A Detailed Analysis
  • Used For Multiple Sports Such As Cycling, Cross- Country Skiing & Windsurfing

I can’t imagine running or biking without it. Updating my training log is trivial now: Plug this thing into my computer, and it’s done. My hope is that a future software update will do something about the pace calculation. This is a great watch for triathletes, check out the Garmin Forerunner 405 CX for the latest GPS sports watch.

Now there are two top Garmin GPS for Motorcycles, they are the Garmin Zumo 550 has an 8.8 rating from over 200 reviews and the Garmin Zumo 660 has a 7.2 rating from 35 reviews, for more up to date information, reviews and ratings please check out GPS for Motorcycles.


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