Finding the best GPS for camping can be a little confusing as there are so many GPS devices available, so what is the best GPS for Camping.

I have reviewed some of the top Garmin and Magellan handheld GPS devices to help you find the right handheld GPS for your camping adventures.Garmin Oregon 600

Handheld GPS devices are great for camping,hiking,boating, hunting, geocaching or any activity outdoors. By adding a mounting bracket, you can use a handheld GPS in your car too. You can also use these mounting brackets on boats and bikes. Unlike GPS units made for your car, most handhelds don’t have voice prompts , although some of them will “beep” as you approach your finish.

Both  Garmin and Magellan continue to improve their handheld GPS devices and keep their prices at a very competitve rate. Garmin seems to be leading of the GPS war for the moment. Garmin’s prices have dropped considerably over the past year. There have been a large improvement the technology of the handheld GPS devices, which makes finding the best GPS for camping better fot the consumer.

This is not to say you should not buy a Magellan. I really like Magellan. The  Garmin and Magellan GPS competition benefits you. Both very strong and keep improving their products frequently.

Garmin has a variety of Handheld GPS devices to choose from. The Garmin Oregon 600 3-Inch Worldwide Handheld GPS(pictured above)  is an advanced, rugged handheld touch screen. The Dakota is the entry level of handheld GPS and the eTrex is outdoor navigation in the palm of your hand.

Magellan has the  eXplorist series with 4 models for their handheld GPS devices. Each with their own features, so depending on your requirements and your price point the Magellan has a GPS for you also. They are extremely successful to those who are dedicated to geocaching.


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