The Best Fishfinder GPS 2016

The best Fishfinder GPS in 2016 is the Raymarine Dragonfly 5 Pro, it has so many wonderful features, you will have so much fun navigating trough all of these features.

Raymarine Dragonfly 5 Pro US, is the best Fishfinder GPS in 2016 but it does come with a hefty price tag of  just over Raymarine Dragonfly 5PRO $500, but it and it comes with all sorts of bells and whistles such as CHIRP sonar. CHIRP is a wide spectrum sonar technology. It basically means more signals are emitted into the water, resulting in better detail coming back to the unit 5″ .
CHIRP Sonar/GPS Combo with DownVision plus conventional sonar. Wi-Fi built in. Includes C-MAP Essentials maps of US lakes, rivers and coast lines. It combines GPS navigation with Raymarine’s advanced dual-channel CHIRP sonar.
Dragonfly Pro will change your underwater view and maximize your time fishing with Raymarine’s wide-spectrum CHIRP technology. Easily identify fish and underwater objects with photo-like sonar images from the DownVision channel and target fish with the conventional CHIRP sonar channel. A built-in 50-channel GPS delivers precision guidance and built-in Wi-Fi lets you stream live sonar right to your smartphone.

Product Details

  • 5″ All-weather, high-definition LED backlit display Optically bonded display for sharp color, wide viewing angles, and no internal fogging
  • Dual-channel sonar – wide-spectrum CHIRP DownVision sonar for photo-like images and a second CHIRP conventional sonar channel for targeting fish
  • Stream live sonar data to your smartphone with Raymarine’s Wi-Fish mobile app; With the Wi-Fish you can rewind, save and share the day’s catch with friends on your favorite social networks
  • Removable mounting ball is compatible with aftermarket ball and socket mounting systems for more mounting options
  • Internal storage for 3000 waypoints and 15 tracks; Use optional microSD memory cards for expanded storage


There are 3 different models in the 5inch Dragonfly series. 5PRO is gps/fishfinder combo, 5M is a chartplotter only, 5DVS is standalone fishfinder. When you buy the 5PRO or 5M you can pick from Jeppsesn’s C-MAP, Navionics, or Raymarines own LightHouse maps and charts.


This is the best Fishfinder GPS for 2016, when you decide to invest in a fishfinder you want to know you are putting your hard-earned money into a product that will deliver. With its cutting-edge technology and almost a century of experience, Raymarine is an industry leader that you can trust to provide professional grade, cutting-edge sonar technology.


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