Looking for the best GPS for hiking, well there are so many to choose from, so what is the best GPS for hiking for you. What is your budget and what features to you want out of your GPS and of course what looks good to you, the buying decision is a personal one.

Most hiking GPS devices are tough and sturdy. When deciding on a Global Positioning System, be sure that it’s going to hold up to your type of hiking. You will discover also rubber carrying cases for some versions that you may purchase to help protect it even more. Just be sure that in the event you drop the GPS on the ground or rain storm passes that the GPS is going to still work.

Both  Garmin and Magellan are both very competitive in the GPS market, which only benefits the consumer.

A number of the features you may think about for hiking ventures consist of a map screen, map memory, route capability, waypoints, multiple datum capability, screen size and readability, bearing to next waypoint, channel parallel receiver, compactness, lightness, waterproof, long-life batteries, and amplified antenna.

Garmin 401  for hikingI believe the  Garmin Fortex 401 is the best  GPS for hiking ,it has many new features to enjoy. it can track elevation change and the  barometer and the compass to be extremely accurate. You can change the items it shows you on the screen to fit your needs. The main page has a little map of where you’ve gone, the second page has the compass and average speed (customizable), then you have the screen where it shows you elevation change over a certain number of miles, which is pretty cool; and lastly you can see specific stats like elevation gain, elevation loss, moving speed, average moving speed, current elevation, moving time, stopped time, actual time

You absolutely find an outstanding navigational assistance in the hiking GPS equipment. It definitely points to your target. Gaining an awareness of what it gives helps you find the best GPS hiking equipment to suit your needs. It is a very reasonable priced at $170 for the quality of this product.

The Gamin Fortex 301 is still a very popular model and has many great reviews and is now a little cheaper at around $130.00. It keeps track of routes, tracks and waypoints,it combines a high-sensitivity GPS receiver, rugged, waterproof design, and USB interface into a lightweight device ideal for hikers .

Magellan eXplorist 710
Magellan eXplorist 710

 Magellan have the eXplorist family, designed for hiking, trekking, hunting and backpacking, the eXplorist 310 provides essential outdoor navigation with a high-resolution color screen, waterproof design, paperless geocaching, and superior mapping, including preloaded World Edition and uploadable map capability.

The Magellan eXplorist 710 is the Rolls Royce of Handheld GPS devices by Magellan, it comes with a hefty price of around $350. It features a 3 inch touch screen, 3.2 MP camera, microphone and speaker. It has a 16 hour battery, This unit is fast and accurate; the screen resolution and the ability to be seen in the bright desert sun is great; the user interface is easily understood and everything is within a couple of clicks, not hidden within menu and menu; it is a quality unit, being rugged and water proof and the reloaded maps are superior to most.


Even the best handheld GPS for hiking won’t be as accurate if you’re carrying it in your shirt pocket or bag. Try to keep it out in the open, clip it onto your backpack so you can get to instantly. Please keep it away from metallic items. If used properly, a gps is a fabulous tool that can save a lot of time and frustration. Getting lost in the woods is certainly no fun.

It’s so important to learn how the functions and features work on your GPS first and you will enjoy your hiking so much more. The final decsion is yours depending on how big a hiker you are, you can get a basic model for the daytime hikers or you can get a sophisticated model for the more advanced hikers.


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