Best Garmin Handheld GPS System

Here are 4 of the best Garmin Handheld GPS systems now available by Garmin. My personal choice for number one is The Oregon 200, there is a complete review at the bottom of this page, but there is the Garmin GPSMAP 62 and the eTex  Vista HCx and the Dakota 10 that all have different features and depending on your requirements are definitely worth a look at they are GPS’s that you can hold in the palm of your hand, here is a brief summary of some of there benefits.

Garmin GPSMAP 62 Handheld GPS Navigator

This is a wonderful unit for hikers, geocaches and hunters. The GPSMAP 62 are very accurate and rugged and come with aGarmin GPSMAP 62 Series built-in worldwide base map with shaded relief, so you can navigate anywhere with ease. With photo navigation, you can download pictures from Garmin Connect Photos and navigate to them.

Rugged, waterproof navigator, sunlight-readable, 65-K color with 160 x 240 pixel resolution. Built-in worldwide baseman with shaded relief; add a wide array of detailed topographic, marine and road maps

The Garmin eTex Legend HCx

Excellent and versatile GPS that I use for geocaching, driving, mountain biking, and hiking. I previously owned the Venture Cx and the display cracked due to my carelessness in the airline luggage. I upgraded to the new Legend HCx with the high sensitivity receiver and this unit significantly outperforms the older units. The new receiver fixes your location much faster and provides much better signal coverage.
Garmin eTrex Vista HCx Garmin eTrex Vista HCx (010-00630-00)is a very affordable unit and has stood the test of time, it has a really long battery life and geocaches will love the ability of the eTrex Vista HCx to interact with Chirp, a beacon designed to send out signals from a hidden cache. They will also notice the paperless capabilities of this unit.

Users can store up to 20 tracks with 10,000 points on eTrex Vista HCx, a very respectable number. So are its times – three seconds from a hot start, 33 seconds from a warm start and 39 seconds from a cold start.

Garmin Oregon 450 Handheld GPS Navigator

This amazing little device is great for boating, biking , hiking and geocaching, it is extremely durable- it doesn’t mind the dirt Garmin 450 oregeonand dust, It has an electronic compass and altimeter to help you find your way in the rugged terrain. It has a 16 hour battery life and has a touch screen design.

there are many options with the Garmin Oregon 450 Handheld GPS Navigator, if you area climber or a sailor or bike and find some hidden valleys this unit is designed for the more adventurous explorers

The Dakota 10- Bike and Hike Bundle

Garmin Dakota 10Dakota 10 is the best value Garmin GPS for under $200 as it comes with built-in worldwide basemap, so you can navigate anywhere with ease. Adding more maps is easy with Garmin’s wide array of detailed topographic, marine and road maps, which can be loaded to internal memory.

The bike and hike bundle includes a bicycle mount and the City Navigator North America DVD with your Dakota 10.

Within these brands of Garmin handheld GPS devices there are a series of devices with different features, but I have just picked out the better ones of each series, by popularity and reviews.